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Warranty and ensurance

Vacation is coming and you're going to a tourist trip abroad. You plan your trip in advance and wish to spend time filling it with vivid impressions that persist for long in your memory.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited vacation may well be overshadowed by your sudden illness or injury. And this - a few days in hospital and at the expense of a round sum for providing medical services and medicines.

That's when you'll need and pre-purchased insurance policy. In fact, many countries do not issue visas without insurance.

We offer an international insurance policy for medical expenses. RESO-Guarantee policy guarantees the organization of and payment for medical care 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, including Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, with a sudden illness or accident during a trip abroad or travel within the country under the conditions specified in the Rules of Insurance .

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Regulation of insurance costs citizens traveling abroad
Terms of insurance for medical expenses for traveling CIS and Russia
Regulation of insurance costs incurred due to cancellation of a trip abroad or changing the duration of stay abroad
Information about services is not a final proposal RESO-Guarantee. Conditions of their provision, as well as full payment of compensation specified in the Regulation of insurance.