Cargo transporting
between Europe and Asia


What type of rolling stock can you offer for transportation?

We offer on-board tents.

What types of pickups you have?

We have all kinds of pickups.

Do you transport dangerous goods?

Yes, we ship goods 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 hazard classes.

Do you provide storage services in Kazakhstan?

No, these services we provide.

Does you insurance of cargo?

Yes, we carry out, in addition, we offer other types of insurance (GPO, KASKO, health insurance).

What are the form and method of payment for transportation?

Payment can be made both in cash and bank transfer. Prepayment of 50% of the total freight.

Do you do customs paperwork?

No, this service we provide.

Can your employees to conduct negotiations with foreign clients in foreign languages? If so, on what?

Yes, our staff speak foreign languages​​, can communicate fluently in English and Polish.

How customer data is transmitted on the location of the goods?

Our manager will send the customer information about finding the goods by e-mail once a day or two.

How can I apply for shipping? What data are needed for this?

You need to provide your details to a contract of carriage, as well as fill out an application, indicating the transportation route, the exact address of the loading and unloading, the full name of the heading and other data submitted in the application does not transfer.