Cargo transporting
between Europe and Asia


NK-Cargo Company is registered in Kazakhstan.

Business focus: the transport of goods to CIS countries, Baltic states, all of eastern Europe and central Asia, as well as import and export services.

We can offer you:

- All types of storage services in Kazakhstan and at the request of other countries evropeiskih, consolidation, kommisionirovanie, delivery to warehouse

- Paperwork (CarnetTIR, CMR, invoices and other export papers)

- Support for customs

- Delivery of medium and small packages throughout the CIS

- Groupage and bulky goods

- The transport of containers by rail

- Peervozki ferry and air transport

- Customs clearance in country of destination

- Representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Provide weekly transportation of cargoes from Europe to the CIS countries.

Highly qualified specialists will work for you the best transport schemes the movement of goods, predlozhzhat the most efficient and economical delivery options!

Provide for reliable partners of services a full service (from purchase products directly from the manufacturer to the customs clearance and delivery to the recipient in Kazakhstan, Russia and CIS).