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OO Harbediya Director LLP NK-CARGO

Our work on the international market of transportation began in the 90s - were taken goods from China, Poland and Germany. Problems with the choice of the scope of application of forces was not - the choice was due to continuity, generations, since my father worked in the industry, thereby defining and my choice.

Of course, on our way there were many difficulties. Lacked the knowledge, information and experience. Made the first decisive step - determine the direction of traffic. As I said, at first we were working in two areas: China and Europe, train trouble. Now you can compare. Who carried the goods from China at this time, as they could remember the Chinese ship ... There were all the time with large overloads - trailer broke. Thought, discussed and gone to work with Europe. So still and working in this direction.

After a few years and gaining some experience in the transportation, think about how to change vehicles. We started with trailers: I went to Germany, ordered and purchased two new trailer brand Koegel.

In 2005, the company formalized as a limited liability company entered into KazATO. I myself was trained at the Training Center KazATO with a degree of professional competence, and sent to the training of accountants, managers, and drivers. This is a defining milestone in terms of a professional approach to work organization and in the formation of the company.

Now our work is organized, stable. When started, the stability of the question was not: changed the law, passed in the international system of financial reporting and to electronic delivery of tax returns with the 7th version of "1C" in the 8th. Have been widely used in modern computer and digital technologies: for ease of financial transactions to actively implement a system for On-line banking, pensions program SCPP. So our accountants had to pass all stages of professional training.

In all undertakings are faced with a lack of information - one could not help, so we were literally pioneers. But explorers are always difficult.

Having accumulated experience in the industry, we now know what it costs each mistake. We are very aware of the need to constantly engage in professional development of staff of the firm. Dynamic economy, the political situation in the world, the mood of European and Asian countries to further integration in international trade and international law respectively define the high demands on the staff of firms carriers. I believe that the selection of personnel should pay attention primarily to professionalism. All managers of our firm are actively using advanced computer and Internet technology, IP-telephony, mobile communication. All drivers are trained on the course "Carriage of dangerous goods." The company also has a certificate of right to such shipments.

Met a young and friendly staff. All employees are responsible approach to their work. In 2008, during a moratorium on all kinds of testing of small and medium-sized businesses, our company itself initiated the tax, audit, transport and fire inspection, in addition, we have gone through an inspection of protection and safety, tested Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, electricians. Whatever you say, but check very disciplined. Therefore, we have practiced in the enterprise system expense reports (exclusive to our accountants) for more detailed, thorough and correct calculation of the cost drivers in flight.

You should never rest on our laurels. As our main areas of transport CIS countries - the countries of Western Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Poland), we are in 2007 accredited company in the German embassy, ​​which helped facilitate the obtaining work visas for our employees. In addition, our company provides freight forwarding services and the CIS countries and Western Europe.

In recent years we have completely updated rolling stock, buying a new trailer of the Euro-4 trucks and Euro-3 standard. All our vehicles are equipped with mobile communication and navigation systems. All cars installed telematics "Autograph", which is a great help in terms of accounting, control and objectification of the data. Use the services of corporate communications, both in Kazakhstan and beyond.

We always strive to draw on the most advanced technology. That's why we have become one of the first to practice the use of a prior declaration for simplicity and ease of checkout at the border. Very easy job and advance electronic information system - much less time spent on paperwork at customs.

Professional credo of our company - the constant striving for perfection.

I do not say anything about the problems we face in the process. Flight for a flight does not look like problepm enough times, but they need to and to solve them. And we are solving them in sequence as they become available, because only a detailed analysis of each prboblemmy, they will not occur in the future.

And I hope that Kazakhstan's membership in the Customs Union will promote the development of our industry, facilitate the solution of some problems, will allow carriers to get our country out of the current difficult economic situation, the last time.

Now the development of transportation is advancing in step with the development of our country, and I hope that this trend will continue.